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1. Get Clear On Priorities

Through science-backed lab tests, we’ll get a clearer picture of your specific hormone make-up and overall health. Based on this information, I’ll order the supplements you need to get your body working its best. The supplements themselves won’t fix you, but they’re essential in our fine tuning process.

2. Re-energize Your Lifestyle

Improve your implementation, make sure that your plan is working for you and make adjustments as needed. This is not a one-size fits all program and if, for any reason, we find something not working for you, we will find ways to fix it.

3. Feel The Results

As you fully engage the program, you’ll be feeling the results big time. This isn’t the end, its just the beginning. But expect to feel energized, motivated, excited and confident. We’ll continue to tweak your plan and take a look at your before and after to really highlight what’s working.

"Over the course of the span I noticed that I was losing weight, gaining muscle and a huge improvement in my strength."

David Hart

Position, Company name

"He basically understands the human anatomy, he basically understands what it takes to also get a person to any fitness level or and goals that the want"

Deshawn Carter

Position, Company name

"And I believe in you, Arman, and your program. You've made a tremendous difference for me in life"

Gary Wilkes

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"He showed me a better way of been dieting better, eating better, working out, staying in shape"

Angel Rivera

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Benefits of the Program

Why Does This Method Work?

After working with thousands of people over the last 30+ years both personally and corporately, I’ve found a method that works for everyone - not just the majority.

When clients come to me, they’re sick of un-personalized programs.

They want something that helps them understand their own body and makes goals feel actually obtainable.My clients have seen the following results:

Long-lasting energy throughout the day

Loss of stubborn belly fat

Feeling younger

An increase in sex drive

Overall better enjoyment of life

Increase in productivity

Increase in confidence

Feeling younger

Better physical capacity

Better understanding of male hormones

Why Work With Me?

I’m Arman Eckelbarger. The years of experience aside, I understand you because I’m going through it too.

Once we hit 40, we’ve got a lot of things figured out - our careers are successful, we might have property, a loving family, the things we’ve always wanted. But change starts to naturally happen in our bodies that - if we don’t keep up with - can leave us feeling unsatisfied and worried.

If you want to enjoy your success in life, enjoy the time with your family or significant other, and feel your absolute best every day - the tools I provide and the skills I can coach you through will provide.

  • Certified NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainer Association) Personal Trainer

  • Corporate Wellness Consultant

  • Worked for 17 years with top fitness org’s such as Gold’s Gym, Australian Body Works and LA Fitness

  • Introduced a Corporate Wellness Program to more than 700 employers including Alston & Bird Law Firm, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, Pitney Bowes, BellSouth and more.

  • Ownership in NSP Nutrition Products

  • Creator Elite Exec Method

  • Former Owner of Trinity Ultimate Fitness

  • International Speaker at bodyLIFE Europe

  • National Speaker at IHRSA & Club Industry

  • IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

  • 2020 NPC Universe Bodybuilding Lightweight Champion

  • 2019-2020 NPC Master’s Nationals Over 50 Bodybuilding Welterweight Class Winner